VScom USB-COM-M | Drivers & Documentation

Note: Your device is End-of-Life and the software support is stopped.
For new applications please consider a modern model.
  Windows 8.1
CDM Installation executable (Sep. 24 2013)
  Windows XP to 8
Server 2003 to 2008 R2
x86 + x64 Editions
CDM Installation executable (Jul. 29 2013)
  Windows 2000
CDM Installation executable (Oct. 22 2009)
  Windows 98/SE/ME
Release 1.00.00+1.00.906 (Nov. 29 2005)
  Support for Linux
Kernel 2.4.x
Version 1.3.5r1 (2006/02/02)
  Support for Linux
Kernel 2.6.31+
Mac OS, WinCE and more
  Some Tools
Most for Windows
  USB-COM Configurator
More easy configure driver options in Windows
  Signals RS232
Pinout DB9
Most don't need that