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These adapters enable you to add serial COM ports to your PC Workstation or Embedded System, providing the ability to communicate between USB (Universal Serial Bus) and serial peripherals. They add Windows serial COM-ports via USB connection and are compatible with new Windows OS and legacy RS232 devices.

This plug and play USB solution is perfect for mobile instrumentation and applications requiring many RS232 devices. USB plug and play allows easy serial port expansion that requires no IRQ, DMA or I/O port resources. Users no longer need to power down the system and open the case, saving time and costs.

The PRO line devices provide a complete jumperless but detailed configuration on a USB 2.0 interface.

The Long Distance devices are compatible with Windows. The 5m distance limit of USB does not apply, they are usable at any place in the Ethernet/LAN.

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Easy extension with Com Ports for high speed
 Product Lines
VSCOM - USB to Serial Adapter - USB-COM Plus
Industrial Plus Line
The Industrial Plus supports flexible RS232/422/485 ports (three way operation). The port configuration is done by easy-to-use DIP switches, completely jumperless. With 4 and 8 serial ports the configuration is also possible by configuration software. The metal cases can be easy used for DIN-Rail mounting, the 4- and 8-port versions also fit in a 19" rackmount.

USB-COM Plus Mini | USB-COM Plus Mini ISO
USB-COM Plus        | USB-COM Plus ISO

USB-2COM Plus      | USB-2COM Plus ISO

USB-4COM Plus      | USB-4COM Plus ISO
USB-4COM Plus 232

USB-8COM Plus      | USB-8COM Plus ISO
USB-8COM Plus 232

USB-16COM Plus      | USB-16COM Plus 232

VSCOM - USB to RS232 Serial Adapter
Industrial ECO Line
The Industrial ECO Line supports easy-to-use RS232 ports. The ports have standard DB9 male connectors. The metal cases can be easy used for DIN-Rail and wall mounting.




Industrial Line 
The Industrial Line is replaced by the new Industrial Plus Line or the Industrial ECO Line.
Industrial PRO Line 
USB-COM PRO series is replaced by the new Industrial Plus Line.
Commercial Line 
The Commercial Line is replaced by the new ECO Line.
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