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≡ OnRISC Series

Here are two generations of ARM embedded systems. They all run full DEBIAN GNU/Linux on ARM processors as operating system. Also they provide versatile connection and communication options. With optional WLAN and at least two Ethernet ports the systems are good to connect to various machines, sensors and networks. At the same time the systems run users applications, to filter input data, control effectors and the like.
The Baltos and Alekto 2 systems are of the new generation with modern ARM Cortex-A8 processors. An internal slot for a miniPCIe card allows use of 3G/UMTS or 4G/LTE mobile communication networks. So these are suitable for tasks like Remote Monitoring and Control via Internet, even in very far-out locations.
The system named Alekto is the anchestor of the OnRISC family, and has some brethren. It represents the former generation of OnRISC.

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VSCOM - Industrial PC - DIN-Rail RISC Embedded System
Main Features
ARM9 166MHz, 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash
Debian Linux Kernel 2.6.35
1 x CF-Slot (True IDE mode)
2 x USB 2.0 High-Speed Host
Datasheet | Download Drivers
VSCOM - Industrial PC - DIN-Rail RISC Embedded System
  Alekto 2
Main Features
Ti Sitara AM3354 @ 720MHz, 256MB DDR2
HDMI Display connector
Debian GNU/Linux Kernel 3.8
1 x CFAST-Slot, 1 x microSD slot
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